The most reliable motorcycles

The analysis revealed following trends: it turned out that the most reliable motorcycles are produced by Japanese brands. Two-wheel machines of US origine are significantly inferior to the Japanese in terms of reliability. German motorcycles also stay behind on this indicator, and they are far away from the Japanese and American motocycles.

Is new car smell toxic?

Most hazard are new cars. Smell in them is also more noticeable.

On the other hand, heating of vehicle when left in the sun even aggravates the situation and speeds up chemical reactions.

But there is a good news - the danger is weakening with the time. According to experts, the threat level is the highest during first six months.

E-Bikes: Vorteile und Nachteile

Wann sind E-Bikes und Pedelecs sinnvoll?

60% der Autofahrer legen die Strecken, die kürzer als 7,5 km sind, zurück, denn für sie diese Strecken mit dem Fahrrad zu weit sind. Ausgerechnet bei solchen Kurzstrecken sind E-Bikes und Pedelecs eine ökologisch sinnvolle Alternative. 

Biokraftstoffe, ökologische Autos und umweltbewusste Fahrer

Wie fährt man heutzutage umweltfreundlich und ökologisch bewusst?