Feet Reading - show me your feet and I will tell you how you are

As we stand on our feet and we walk on our feet, in contrast to our hands, our feet show the burdening in our lives, how we master our lives, and how we move forward.


The feet are our contact point with the earth and the ground. The amount of energy that goes through our feet shows the measurement of the energy and vitality that fills us.


Our feet are the holograms of our bodies. Have you ever noticed how the shape, color and size of your toes change over time? It's incredible, but the toes keep a memory of the history of our lives. Our feet and toes tell our stories - who we were, where we are now, and whether we are heading the right way.


The Feet Reading originates from Tibet (China), Tuvans and Khakassia (Russia).

The Tuvans  are a Turkic ethnic group living in southern Siberia. They are historically known as one of the Uriankhai, coming from the Mongolian designation. The Tuvans comprise the Tibetan Buddhism mixed with indigenous Shamanism, which is the predominant religion.

0.4% of the population of Khakassia adheres to forms of Hinduism (Vedism, Krishnaism or Tantrism) and another 0.4% - to Tibetan Buddhism. In addition, 38% of the population declares to be "spiritual but not religious".


What can unite such different and distant concepts as Tibetan and Tuvans/Khakassia medicine?

Despite external differences, both in Tibet and in ancient Russia, the spirit and body of man were treated referring to the healing power of nature.

What does the Feet Reading include?

The Feet Reading comprises four areas of treating:

  1. Structural information on your feet (bunions, long, short, wide, narrow, high arch, blister on the heel etc.);
  2. Toes (sizes, arches, width, gaps etc.);
  3. Soles of your feet (there are more than 60 active zones and points. See the pictures below);
  4. Treatment and advise like a massage of the soles of your feet or recommendation regarding your life, newborn child, marriage or employment.


For example, if you have got a headache, it is necessary to massage the big toe. By having a disease of eyes - two middle toes, by suffering from a pain in ears - external toes of foot. The remaining options are clearly visible in the  diagram above.

There are three degrees of impact on treatment points:

  1. With acute pain and during primary treatment you should apply a light circular massage of the point. The duration of the massage takes from one to five minutes.
  2. For treatment of chronic diseases depending on the general condition of the patient, it is best and safer to apply a medium-strength point massage. It is recommended multiple massage during the day, the duration of acupressure is up to 30-40 seconds.

3. Strong acupressure is mainly done with the big toe, but also other options are possible.

Toes Reading

There are five elements in Ayurvedic Medicine which are using by Toes Reading: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether. The five elements are collections of qualities that together form the building blocks of nature. If a person truly understands the five elements, the doorway of knowledge opens to understanding creation itself. In the body, each element is associated with different tissues and functions. In the mind, the elements are associated with personality characteristics. In the medicines, the elements determine their actions. Knowledge of the five elements is part and parcel of Ayurveda. Noticing any changes in the form of toes and nails, it is possible to diagnose the condition of those organs that are located in the area of the corresponding chakra.


The toes of the right and left feet represent different aspects of a person's life history. If a person is right-handed, the right foot demonstrates how he or she represents himself or herself to the world, what he or she thinks of the world, how he or she sees himself or herself in the world and what relations with the world and other people are characteristic of this person. Consequently, the right foot reflects a way of life and thinking. The left-handed has the same attitude to the left foot.


The left foot for a right-handed person shows his/her attitude to his/her inner "Self", to himself or herself, how he or she keeps inner feelings and ideas about himself/herself. For the left-handed, the same is true concerning the right foot.


The right foot also symbolizes male energy, rationality and the future. The toes of the right foot represent destiny, intelligence, intellect and the potential of the individual in society.

The left foot shows feelings, intuition, female energy and the past. The toes of the left foot show the emotional side of the person, the attitude to himself or herself.

In addition, each toe characterizes both - certain character traits and changes in the corresponding area of life in the past, present and future.

Recommendations for your life

What are our feet talking about?

Before you employ a person, ask him or her to take off his/her shoes and look at his/her toes.

Before you get married, ask your partner  to take off his/her shoes and look at his/her toes.

Having given birth to a child take photos of his/her feet. So you can find out what talents are hidden in the soul of your baby.

Example: Relationships

For instance, the longer the second toe of your man is, the greater his leadership qualities are. He is dynamic, inventive and passionate. However, he achieves his desire at any expense and his goal is sometimes dangerous not only for himself.


Indian wisdom says that wise women forbade their sons to marry girls with long second toes considering them too overbearing. If the second toe is smaller than the big one, it does not mean that the person wastes his/her power for nothing. This person just knows how to wait, appreciates harmony and will prefer to sit on the shore, while the sea itself will bring the corpse of his/her enemy on the waves instead of actively taking revenge.

Have you ever done a Feet Reading?

What do you think of it?


Live Stylish!

Stay Healthy!

  Eat Organic!                           

   Be Natural!  

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