Organic food is risk to the planet

By Ben Webster

Taken from "World and Press",

May 2, 2017


Buying organic food may not always be better for the planet or for human health than cheaper options grown with artificial pesticides, according to researchers.


Birds and bees tend to be more abundant on organic farms but the benefits may be cancelled out because they produce an average of 19 to 25 per cent less food per acre than conventional farms. This means that more land is needed to produce the same amount of food - and land conversion for agriculture is one of the greatest threats to wildlife, researchers at the University of British Columbia said.

Organic farms tended to use less energy and produce lower emissions, but "when lower organic yields are taken into account, greenhouse gas emissions might actually be higher under organic management".


The authors of the study, published in Science Advances, said: "We don't know whether organic yields are taken into account." Organic farms tend to cause less nitrogen and phosphorus pollution of water systems, but the lower yields could mean that nitrogen loss per unit of food produced is higher than on conventional farms.

The authors argued that in countries like Canada, where pesticide regulations are stringent and diets are rich in micronutrients, the health benefits of choosing organic may be marginal. They said organically grown food probably contained slightly more micronutrients but it was not clear whether this provided "any actual health benefits to consumers".

The team analysed organic crop farming across 17 criteria including yield, impact on climate change, farmer livelihood and consumer health. "Organic is often proposed as a holy grail solution to current environmental and food scarcity problems, but we found that the costs and benefits will vary heavily depending on the context," said Verena Seufert, one of the authors.

They concluded that organic farming is not the only solution to providing a sustainable source of food for an ever-growing global population, but does have an important role to play. "We need to stop thinking of organic and conventional agriculture as two ends of the spectrum. Instead, consumers should demand better practices for both so that we can achieve the world's food needs in a sustainable way," said Ms. Seufert. ...

Eat organic but with taking into account our planet...

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    Lisa Russo (Wednesday, 31 May 2017 22:45)

    That's interesting. I feel like organics are still the way to go with some produce, but it was good to see a different perspective.

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    Mary (Thursday, 01 June 2017 02:04)

    I try to always purchase organic but it get expensive and some labels lie about being organic. Thank you for all the valuable information.

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    Miriam (Thursday, 01 June 2017 10:50)

    Very interesting study on how organic is not always the best solution!

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    A Cuban In London (Thursday, 01 June 2017 10:51)

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    agree to consider both ways of farming!
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    Rena (Friday, 02 June 2017 23:26)

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    Caroline (Tuesday, 17 October 2017 17:20)

    Interessanter Standpunkt. Ich denke es ist wie überall, es gibt immer auch Kontras wenn man sie finden will. Aber ich denke man muss halt abwägen, wo die Waage von Pro und Kontra hinkippt...