Space fundamentals of longevity

AuthorSergei P. Fedotov

Author: Sergei P. Fedotov

Pulse Academy St. Petersburg's branch

Pulse Academy St. Petersburg's branch


In work on the study of the physical phenomena of the theory of the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine "Elements of Life", it has been hypothesized to explain the temporal structure of acupuncture meridians activity by the presence of Aether stream, which, thanks to the Doppler effect, generates a different density at space (around definite medium pressure) in each point on the surface of planet Earth, depending on the phase of the cycle of the Earth's rotation around its axis.


The higher pressure of Aether is stipulated by the higher frequency of vibration in the medium (the number of collisions among elements of Aether increases similar like in the ideal gas). The relationship between the frequency and pressure of the Aether can be described by the same formula as the sound pressure.


P=2*pi*f* ρ*с*A 


Р — maximal acoustic pressure;

f — frequency;

c - the speed of sound;

ρ - density of the medium;

A - the amplitude of the vibrations of particles in the medium.

In the same paper [6] a correlation between the six Qi of Traditional ChineseMedicine and density of Aether was established, which creates a certain frequencyof medium (vibrations of a certain wavelength of visible light) - it is a naturalprocess underlying in the theory of the Five Elements:

In the same paper a correlation between the six Qi of Traditional Chinese Medicine and density of Aether was established, which creates a certain frequency of medium (vibrations of a certain wavelength of visible light) - it is a natural process underlying in the theory of the Five Elements:

Where we have following abbreviations of Chinese Elements:

  • E – Earth (green colour),
  • Wt – Water (blue colour),
  • Wd – Wood (red colour),
  • FM – Fire-Minister (purple colour),
  • F – Fire (yellow colour),
  • M – Metal (turquoise colour).

Red numbers shows conditional wave length of oscillations associated with each of 6 Qi of Chinese philosophy – the shorter wave – there is more density of environment, where the proper substance of Aether forms definite parameters of vibrations (natural frequencies).

Let's associate with each Qi the conditional density of the Aether:

Red colour = 1,

Yellow colour = 2,

Green colour = 3,

Turquoise colour = 4,

Blue colour = 5,

Purple colour = 6.

Now we will perform color decomposition the periods of each Qi on the base of physical law of color synthesis principle when two colours birth one - similar like it is observed in the formation of color vibrations of acupuncture meridians (blue arrow in shows the direction of the force vector, which pushes the Earth on the orbit).



  • Red colour    = Yellow + Purple;
  • Yellow colour  = Green + Red;
  • Green colour  = Turquoise  + Yellow;
  • Turquoise colour  = Blue + Green;
  • Blue colour  = Purple + Turquoise;
  • Purple colour  = Red + Blue.

Decomposition of each color of proper element in daily cycle (it has the durationof 4 hours) we will produce up to the tenth level of depth (at the sampling equal to 0.46875 minutes). The following picture shows the beginning of the sampling for the Wood Element (Wind Qi - red colour, starting with 19 hours of astronomical time). The numbers in cells indicate the pressure levels of each color at each discrete moment of time:

Summing the values of density of color line by line, we'll get the total pressure of the environment at each given time of a day. For convenience consideration of properties in the resulting graph the smoothing of pressure readings from diagram below is made:

So, we have witnessed how the Six Qi are obtained from the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (five humps and hollows are five elements in the context of Yin and Yang from the left to right - Wood  Fire  Earth  Metal Water). For any During the daily Doppler cycle at every point on the Earth planet Aether pressure will be five times increased (from 22 to 23, from 03 to 04, from 07 to 08, from 12 to 13 and from 17 to 18 at local astronomical time (local astronomical time has a maximum of the Sun altitude above the horizon at 12.00)). Accordingly, five times a day there will be periods of minimum of the Aether pressure.


The trend line shows that the Aether pressure rise from 19.00 to 18.00 hours and at the period from 18.00 to 19.00 hours the maximum pressure drops in accordance with the properties of the Doppler effect in daily circulation.


It should be noted that the structure of the diurnal cycle of the Aether pressure changes are similar to the annual cycle (it is about January 4 the phase equal to the 18.00 of daily cycle when the Aether pressure vector pushes the Earth in the annual rotation around the sun and forms the center of activity of the annual Kidney meridian (KI)). At about January 20 (the analog of the daily time of 19.00 hours) it is beginning of the Wood element - the period with a most low pressure of Aether (the natural frequency of oscillations at this period are at the lowest level in the Doppler system). Similar Doppler cycles inherent to any planet in the solar system and they are forming a constantly changing set of oscillators that determine the laws of interference pattern of the Aether pressure density at each point of the space. Knowledge about the mechanisms of such interference is the basis of the real astrology.

You can read the whole article at:


The information contained in this article clearly shows that the influence of the dynamics of the Aether in space determines longevity at almost of all its aspects.


The Aether dynamics sets the following events:

  • The rhythms of functional systems, starting with the annual rhythms and ending with the rhythms of the microwave oscillations of the electron hopping between ferrous and ferric iron,
  • Determines work time, food and rest of the body through the activation of the relevant parts of the nervous system (sympathicotonia-vagotonia balance)
  • The social rhythms that are if ignored, leading to bloody wars in periods of low level of awareness and when risk of receiving of inadequate solutions and mass psychosis is considerably increased,
  • Determines the technosphere environment, forming the parameters of strength and stability of all material structures, as well as resistance to electric currents, voltages, fire hazard of buildings, transport, communication systems, life support systems and other mechanisms and devices.

Active development of research at presented here direction at the reasonable approach would allow all life on Earth return back to biblical times, when the life expectancy was hundreds and thousands of years. The long life will give a chance to find and recognize the place and purpose of life itself in the vast of Great Cosmos.



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