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Have you ever been to Ukraine?

Would you like to go there?


Ukraine is an European country with the capital city Kiev which lies on the river Dnepr.


The most important cities of Ukraine are also Lviv, Odessa, Uzhgorod and Kharkov.

Picture: St. Andrew's Church Kiev

A landscape of Ukraine is very marvellous: ranging from the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov to the Carpathian Mountains.


Picture: The Carpathian Mountains


The ukrainian Venice called Vylkove is like a real Venice in Italy which does not have any firm streets for cars but only water channels for moving by boat from one place to another.

In general, Vylkove is a small town located in the Ukrainian part of the Danube Delta in the 

South-West of Ukraine. 

Since 2013, the words "Ukraine", "Kiev", "Maidan", "Donbass", "Crimea" have been heard more and more often in mass media.

The reason for that was the Ukrainian Revolution (also known as the Euromaidan Revolution or Revolution of Dignity) which took place in February 2014 when a series of violent events, involving protesters and unkown shooters in Kiev, culminated in the resignation of Ukrainian President, Victor Yanukovych. This lead to series of changes in a sociopolitical system of Ukraine like an annexation of the Crimean Peninsula and military actions in Donbass.

But what are the People living there like?

What is their Lifestyle  like?


They are quite common, friendly and religious as Orthodox... They love fun, sports, music, fashionable garments, good cuisine, their families and children.


Night Clubs

Does a night life in Ukraine exist?

Yes, of course!


Among the most popular clubs of Ukraine is also the club «SAN'KOFF» in the city LvivTo this Night Club belong a summer terrace cafe and a lounge in the evening.

The format of music is mostly commercial including foreign and national sounds.

Not less popular is the Night Club"Forsage Dance Club" in the capital city Kiev.

Since the opening in 2006 and up to present the Club has remained the favorite place of the metropolitan youth, following the latest world trends.

The kinds of music are of a great variety concerning sounds and performance.

The Club offers four separate Dance Floors with completely different music formats that can satisfy the most sophisticated taste.

The Main Stage is the main Dance Floor and heart of the Club. 

AVIP-zone with limited access of visitors and excellent views on the Main Space of the Club is located on the second floor of the Dance Floor.

Also a water pipe room "The Level Up Lounge"  is a perfect place for recreation with taste!
The Martini Lounge Bar  in the Club means the Dance Floor, where parties in R`n`B format are mostly dominated. At the same time, the Martini Lounge Bar turns by day into a quiet and cozy restaurant, which you can visit to taste the best dishes from the chef of the Club.


Ukraine is the country of melodies. The history of the ukrainian music development since the Declaration of Independence of Ukraine on 1 December 1991 went through several stages.

It includes rebellious rock, which called for freedom, calm melodies that inspire harmony, and unusual experimental rhythms that put the Ukrainians on the level of foreign musicians.


Here are some examples of Ukrainian Musical World early and now.

The band "Brunettes Shoot Blondes" is established  in 2010, but it became known in September 2014.
The Breakthrough occurred after the releasing a video for the song "Knock Knock", which collected on YouTube more than 5 million views in the first 10 days after publication. In early 2015, the band released a debut album "Bittersweet", as well as a clip of the same name, created in partnership with the German auto giant Opel.

The Picture is taken from:                                                                                              

The Ukrainian electro-folk band "ONUKA"  was established in 2013. Co-authors of the project are Natalia Zhizhchenko and Yevgeny Filatov, a singer is Natalia Zhizhchenko.


The debut album of "Onuka" was released in 2014. It contains 10 tracks. The album is filled with traditional Ukrainian sound motifs, played on the pipe, bandura and trembitas. All this is combined with the electronic Arrangement.

The Picture is taken from:

The band "Okean Elzy" was established in 1994 in Lviv. Audience and critics have repeatedly acknowledged "Okean Elzy" as the best rock band and as the best    live-band of the CIS and Eastern Europe.


The Breakthrough occurred in 1996. At that time the band began to give concerts not only in Ukraine, but also in Poland, Germany and France.

In April 1998, the band "Okean Elzy" moved to Kiev.


The Picture is taken from:


Ukraine is not only a country of melodies, music and delicious cuisine. It is also a country of fashion, stylish and eco-friendly outfits. Models of Ukrainian clothes gain podiums on international fashion shows more and more often.

What are the Ukrainian designers like?

For example, a designer Lilia Pustovit founded her own brand "Poustovit".

For the last 5 years, the brand "Poustovit" has been developing two lines of clothing: "Poustovit" and "Poustovit for Atelier1".

The main features of the brand combine romantic conceptualism with the ethnic background.


The Pictures are taken from:

The clothing of another designer Victoria Gres with her brand "Victoria Gres"  is a little different and more elegant. The designer aims at creating garments that are always fashionable.

The brand consists of three lines of clothing: "Victoria Gres by GRES", "Victoria Gres DENIM", "Victoria Gres Couture". She is also developing direction "Gres decor"  with interior decoration.


The Pictures are taken from:

Even when not all Ukrainians wear clothing of leading designers, nevertheless, they try to get dressed fashionably and look stylish.

It should also be emphasized that especially embroidered outfit is very popular in Ukraine like a t-shirt in the picture on the left.



Do you like the ukrainian lifestyle?

Then, welcome to Ukraine!


Live Stylish!

Stay Healthy!

  Eat Organic!

   Be Natural!

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    The track by ONUKA is quite good.

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    I have never been to Ukraine. The country appears to be interesting.

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    I was even twice in Ukraine to a guest, once as a teenager in the socialist Ukraine and a few years ago. Despite the currently prevail there ends relationships, I would now go back to this wonderful country ... I like this country and its people !!!
    Хай живе Україна !!! Слава і честь полеглих героїв війни !!!

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    Have not seen those stylish dance clubs when I was there.

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